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Safety First - Certification Standards for Women's Boxing Gloves

Certification standards are set to ensure the safety and performance of athletes, especially in combat sports like boxing. With boxing gloves, these standards:

  • Help protect athletes from injuries by meeting specific safety and quality criteria
  • Ensure fair competition
  • Uphold the integrity of the sport

While certification standards for boxing gloves exist, there is a notable gap when it comes to specific standards for women's boxing gloves.

Several organizations set certification standards for boxing and boxing apparel and equipment. They include the International Boxing Association (IBA), USA Boxing, and the World Boxing Council (WBC).

In this blog post, we will cover the certification standards that may be included in the certification processes of these organizations.

Padding and Impact Resistance

A glove’s padding determines how well it absorbs and distributes impact from punches. The padding also prevents knuckle injuries and reduces the risk of fractures.

The amount and type of padding used should ensure that the force of a punch is spread out. This prevents concentrated ‘damage’ and enhances overall safety.

There are different types of padding used in women’s boxing gloves. The commonly used ones are:

  • Horsehair: Has been used for centuries but has lost popularity. Some companies still produce them and are mostly preferred by competitive boxers. Horsehair-padded gloves provide less protection but hit the target/opponent harder.
  • Gel: This is a recent type of padding that offers better shock absorption than horsehair and foam. It's however pricier.
  • Foam: A popular type that has gradually ‘replaced’ horsehair. It’s favored for its comfort and protective qualities.

Each type of padding has its advantages and drawbacks. The most appropriate padding will depend on your preferences and the type of boxing you will be doing.

While thicker padding offers more protection, it can also affect a boxer’s feel and agility. Therefore, women’s boxing gloves should strike the right balance to get the desired result.

Size and Weight

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Imagine this, you are ready for your training session, everything ticking on your checklist. But wait—your gloves feel like oversized mittens, and suddenly, precision becomes elusive. Or perhaps your gloves cling so tightly that your knuckles protest every movement. Quite disheartening, right?

This is one of the primary reasons your women’s boxing gloves should be in the right size. Boxing gloves’ size is measured in weight (Oz). Properly sized and weighted gloves improve your performance and reduce the risk of injuries by ensuring that the gloves do not shift or slip during use.

Women’s boxing gloves are typically available in sizes ranging from 8 oz to 16 oz. The size and weight of the gloves are determined by:

  • Weight distribution
  • Purpose of the gloves
  • Size and shape of the hands

Women's hands are generally smaller and narrower than men's. Therefore, women’s boxing gloves should be designed with this in mind. And at Tussle, we’ve perfected this!

We are a woman-owned, operated, and focused brand that specializes in making and selling women’s boxing apparel and equipment. Our boxing gloves are made with the unique properties of the woman’s hand in mind. So grab a pair of women’s boxing gloves in your favorite color from Tussle!

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Protection and Wrist Support

female boxer wearing cream women’s boxing gloves
A woman’s boxing glove should first protect your hands, wrists, and knuckles. Why else would you wear them if not for this?
The wrist support prevents sprains and fractures. Adequate padding around the wrist area helps absorb the impact and prevent hyperextension. Wrist support also enhances stability, agility, and speed.

Boxing gloves should have a secure closure system, such as a velcro or laces. These closure systems allow customization at the wrist for a snug fit, preventing the wrist from bending during impact.
Boxing gloves should also have a thumb strap or attachment to prevent the thumb from being dislocated during a punch.

Women’s boxing gloves that have the above structures and properties ensure the female’s hand is comfortably secured and in the best state for training and exercise.
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Boxing gloves should be durable enough to withstand repeated use and impact. The materials used in the construction of the gloves should be of high quality and resistant to wear and tear.

Common materials used in making boxing are leather and synthetic materials

The stitching and construction of the gloves should be sturdy and well-designed to prevent the gloves from falling apart during use. Poorly constructed gloves can pose a safety risk to the boxer and their opponent.

Quality gloves should maintain their protective properties and structural integrity over time, even with intense regular use. Gloves provide consistent protection and offer better value for money.

Safe in Tussle’s Women’s Boxing Gloves

female boxers in women’s boxing gloves

While boxing is a thrilling and exciting sport, the safety and comfort of boxers should always be addressed. At Tussle, we understand the unique needs of female boxers and have crafted gloves that prioritize safety and comfort.

Our gloves are designed to fit women's smaller and narrower hands, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for control and agility.

Further, they are constructed with quality leather and reinforced stitching to withstand the rigors of training and competition, ensuring long-lasting performance and protection.

With Tussle boxing gloves, you train with confidence, knowing that your hands are well-protected and supported.

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