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Importance of Hand Wraps For Female Boxers

You already have a pair of women’s boxing gloves that feel soft and comfortable on your hands. However, just wearing your boxing gloves is not enough for your hand and boxing experience.

What else? Do you need hand wraps for boxing? YES! Wrap your hands with hand wraps before wearing your stylish Tussle women’s boxing gloves.

Provides Hand, Wrist, and Knuckle Protection

Hand wraps are like a wall between your hands and the inside of your boxing gloves. They cushion your knuckles, wrists, and fingers by absorbing the shock from punches. 

Check out Tussle's hand wraps, designed for a comfortable fit. We have both rope hand wraps and quick wraps to give you the perfect protection for your hands.

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When you strike a target, the force is distributed across the wrap, reducing the strain and impact on your knuckles and wrist bones. This helps prevent bruising, fractures, and long-term damage.

Further, wrapping your hands provides an extra layer of padding over the knuckles, reducing the direct force on these small bones.

To ensure your hand wrap provides this needed protection, invest a few minutes in wrapping your hands properly. Below is a video tutorial on how to wrap your hands by Tussle’s founder and CEO Cary Williams.



Provides Wrist and Thump Support

Maintaining proper form and technique is important when boxing. Hand wraps help keep your loose or moving joints, such as wrists and fingers, in place during training and fights.

They help stabilize the wrist joints, preventing them from bending or twisting when punching. This stability improves your punching power and minimizes the strain on your wrists. Hence you maintain proper form and technique.

The thumb is a key component in forming a tight fist. Hand wraps ensure that the thumb is securely positioned and supported, preventing it from bending or curling during impact. This support enhances your grip strength and control.

The structural stability of wrapping your hands ensures that you punch with precision and power while reducing the risk of joint-related injuries.


Hand Wraps Fill Out Your Women’s Boxing Gloves

 The first thing that comes to your mind when boxing gloves are mentioned is probably ‘hand protection’. You are right. Boxing gloves are designed to protect your hands. But they can only give you effective protection when paired with properly wrapped hands.

female boxer wearing grey boxing hand wraps

Hand wraps help fill the space inside your gloves, ensuring a snug and secure fit. This is particularly important for female boxers, as our hands tend to be smaller than those of our male counterparts.

Wearing hand wraps ensures that your gloves fit perfectly, providing the necessary support and protection for your hands.

Sweat and Moisture Absorption

Sweat compromises a boxer’s grip and leads to blisters and skin irritation. Hand wraps absorb this sweat, keeping the hands dry and comfortable during training sessions and bouts.

By wicking away moisture, hand wraps prevent:

  • Gloves from slipping off
  • Odor buildup
  • Bacterial build-up
  • Discomfort

The hygienic layer provided by boxing wraps helps female boxers maintain focus and prevent distractions caused by discomfort.

By absorbing moisture and sweat, hand wraps help keep your female boxing gloves clean and dry.

Improving Your Technique and Grip

female boxers training with gloves and mitts wearing hand wraps

The essence of boxing lies not just in the ability to throw a punch, but also in the power and control behind it. Boxing hand wraps compress the hand into a solid unit, reducing the risk of fingers splaying upon impact. This enhances the grip within the glove.

This compressed grip/fist transfers power efficiently from the boxer’s body to the target.

By protecting the hands from the cumulative damage of training and bouts, boxing wraps ensure that female boxers continue to develop their skills, power, and endurance over time without being set back by hand injuries.

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