step into the ring. a buyer's guide to ladies' boxing mitts

Step Into the Ring | A Buyer's Guide to Ladies Boxing Mitts

Boxing mitts, also known as, punch mitts, focus mitts, or target pads are key tools for training in boxing and other combat sports. Whether you’re a trainer, a seasoned boxer, or a beginner, having the right punch mitts is important for a successful training session. Moreso, for ladies.

But why punch mitts? 

Punch mitts:

  • Provide a target for the boxer to aim at helping improve their accuracy and precision.
  • Allow the boxer to practice their punching speed and timing helping increase their overall speed and reaction time.
  • Provide resistance, which helps to build the boxer's punching power and strength.
  • Require the boxer to coordinate their movements with their partner, which helps to improve their overall coordination and footwork.

With so many ladies' boxing mitts options available in the market, getting the right pair is a challenge. In this post, we take you through factors to consider to get the best boxing mitts for ladies, ensuring an optimal training experience.

Size and Fit

Right-fitting punch mitt ensures the comfort and safety of both the trainee and the coach. Too big mitts compromise the boxer’s ability to throw precise punches as they are sure they’ll hit the target. 

Too small/tight boxing mitts cause discomfort and chafing, potentially resulting in abrasions during prolonged use.

To get the right size for your punch mitts, measure the circumference of your hand, including the width and length. Ensure a snug fit without excessive tightness. The mitts should sit securely on your hands, allowing for flexibility and ease of movement without compromising stability.

At Tussle, we have customized our punch mitts like the Women's Punch Mitts Red Jam to fit a woman’s hand.

Material and Durability

Punch mitts come in various materials like leather, synthetic leather, and microfiber. Leather punch mitts are known for their durability, while synthetic leather and microfiber options offer affordability but are less durable. 

Punch mitts should be durable and long-lasting as it has to withstand long or frequent training sessions. The women’s leather punch mitts from Tussle are your top choice as they:

  • Are durable and can withstand the wear and tear of long training sessions
  • Are breathable hence preventing sweat build-up and bad odor 
  • Are comfortable to wear since they are soft and supple, which allows them to conform to the shape of your hand
  • Are a long-term investment as they are durable and have excellent performance

Design and Features

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The design and construction features of your ladies' boxing mitts impact the success of your training sessions. For enhanced and better functionality of your mitts, choose mitts that:

  • Have a curved design to promote a natural striking angle, minimizing strain on both the trainer and athlete.
  • Have enough padding to cushion the impact, preventing injuries and ensuring a comfortable experience. 
  • Are soft from the trainer’s end but hard where the boxer lands their strikes, protecting the trainer’s hands while strengthening the boxer’s.
  • Are made with a breathable design making them swat-resistant and odor-free.
  • Have a velcro closure system to ensure a customized fit and prevent slippage during intense training sessions.

Brand Reputation - Tussle 

When choosing ladies’ boxing punch mitts, or any other women’s boxing gear, the brand reputation matters. A reputable brand produces high-quality products that are durable and reliable

When it comes to women’s boxing gear, Tussle is your go-to brand! 

We are a woman-owned and operated company in the USA that specializes in women’s fighting gear. 

What makes us even better is that our founder, Cary Williams, is a boxer and boxing coach trainer with over 25 years of experience. So we have a deep and personal understanding of the need for quality and functional women’s boxing gear, including ladies’ boxing mitts.

Our ladies' boxing mitts are made of leather, are breathable, have a velcro closure system, come in various colors, and are customized to fit women’s hands. 

Below are some of our ladies' punch mitts you can choose from. 

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