traditional hand wraps vs quick wraps

Hand Protection Essentials: Hand Wraps vs. Quick Wraps for Women Boxers

Boxing, whether for leisure, sport, or competition requires protective gear like headgear, boxing gloves, and hand wraps. Women boxers need to protect their hands like their male counterparts when training. Hand protection is important for:

  • Injury prevention by reducing the risk of injuries, such as fractures, sprains, and strains, during training.
  • Improved performance by ensuring female boxers can throw powerful and accurate punches without compromising their hands and wrists.
  • Grip strength as a result of hand protection, enhances the distribution of force, stability, and power punching.
  • Comfort and confidence as well-fitted and supportive hand protection allow boxers to focus on their technique and performance, boosting their confidence.

While having the right boxing gloves offers superb protection to the hand, it’s important to wrap your hand before wearing them. Wrapping provides additional wrist support and protection to your hands when training.

But which wraps should you wear in your boxing gloves? The traditional hand wraps or quick wraps?

Hand Wraps in Your Boxing Gloves

hand wraps in your boxing gloves

Hand wraps are a traditional method of protecting the hands and wrists during boxing. They are long strips of cloth that are wrapped around the hand and wrist in a specific pattern to provide support and protection.

Hand wraps:

  • Offer support, protection, and stability. 
  • Help to keep the bones and tendons in the hand and wrist in place, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Absorb sweat and moisture, keeping the hands and boxing gloves dry.

There are different types of hand wraps including Mexican-style wraps, which are made of a thinner, more breathable material, and gel wraps, which have a layer of gel on the inside for added cushioning and support.

The pros of using hand wraps include their customizable fit, increased support and protection, and the ability to absorb sweat and moisture.

The downside of hand wraps is that it’s time-consuming to wrap and unwrap the hands. Han wrapping is also challenging to beginners and some experienced boxers.

Quick Wraps In Your Boxing Gloves

quick wraps

Quick wraps are like fingerless gloves but with paddings. They are made of a stretchy, elastic material that provides support and protection without wrapping. They are worn by slipping in your hand, but unlike the normal gloves, you tighten them with a wrist wrap.

The benefits of using quick wraps include convenience, speed, and ease of use. Quick wraps can be put on and taken off in seconds. This makes them suitable for busy training sessions or quick changes between matches.

They also provide a consistent level of support and protection, regardless of the size or shape of the hand.

Despite these advantages, of quick wraps,

  • Have limited customization options, the only adjustable point is the wrist.
  • Provide less hand and wrist protection and stability.
  • Are unsuitable for professional boxers or those who engage in high-intensity training sessions.

Hand Wraps Or Quick Wraps?

Whether to get hand wraps or quick wraps, goes down to personal preferences and factors like time constraints, level of support needed, experience level, and your training routine.

If you prefer a customizable fit and superior support and protection, get traditional hand wraps. However, if you are short on time or prefer a quick and easy option, quick wraps are a better fit.

To help you make an informed purchasing decision, see the comparison table below.


Hand Wraps

Quick Wraps

Application time

Requires more time and skill to wrap hands properly

Quick and easy to put on (less than a minute)


Offer better hand, wrist, and knuckle protection

Offer integrated padding around knuckles and wrist support


Fully customizable, boxers can adjust tightness and padding

limited customization, standard fit

Experience level

Suitable for all levels

It is more beginner-friendly, especially for those new to hand-wrapping

Overall convenience

Requires practice to wrap correctly and offers precise support

Instant application, convenient for busy training sessions


Whether your choice is hand wraps or quick wraps, wash your wraps regularly to remove sweat and bacteria. Also, store them in a cool, dry place to prevent damage.

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Our Quick Wraps are made of stretchy material that conforms to the shape of the hand and provides enough wrist and knuckle protection. They also have a velcro closure for a customized fit.

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