About Us

Tussle is a woman owned and operated company in the USA. We are the only woman owned USA company that specializes in women's fight gear. 

A brand brought to you by a woman who has been inside and outside the ropes, has worked with thousands of girls and women in sports and is always in your corner. Please join her in inspiring our female community across the globe!

Our founder, Cary Williams, has been in the boxing & fitness space for over 25 years as a fighter, Olympic level coach, gym chain owner, educator and presenter. She has trained and worked with tens of thousands of individuals in the realm of boxing. From the competitive fighter to the spunky grandmother!

We all tussle with things that life throws our way! We meet them head on and find a way to get through them. Whether we come out unscathed or a little beat up, we come out of it! All of us are fighters! Tussle is here to support you in your fight, no matter what it may be!