Safety First: Choosing the Right Headgear for Female Boxers

Safety First: Choosing the Right Headgear for Female Boxers

Defense. The best way to protect yourself in a boxing ring or training is not to get hit. But some punches will just get to you. That’s why you need protective gear like boxing headgear as a female boxer.

Having the right boxing headgear will protect against cuts, scrapes, and swelling, and reduce the intensity of a punch. But how do you know the headgear is right for you?

So whether you're a seasoned boxer or just starting, read on to learn about the different types of headgear and how to choose the right one.

Types of Headgear

There are three main types of headgear for female boxers on the market. The type is determined by the extent of the head and face coverage offered.

Full-face: This provides the highest possible level of protection. This headgear covers the entire face, including the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin.

Full-face headgear is ideal for training in boxing, mixed martial arts, and kickboxing, as it offers the highest level of protection.

Open-face: This headgear is designed to cover the top of the head leaving the rest of the face bare.

Cheek protectors/guards: As the name spells it, this type extends from the helmet to cover the cheeks and temples.

When choosing headgear, consider the protection and visibility required for the specific boxing activity.

For example, a full-face headgear provides the most protection but significantly reduces visibility. On the other hand, open-face headgear offers the highest field of vision but leaves the face and nose exposed to strikes.

Cheek protectors offer a balance between protection and visibility.

What to Look for in a Boxing Headgear

1. Adjustments and Closure System

Like your boxing gloves, you should be able to adjust your headgear to give you a customized fit. It should be adjustable at the chin area, the back of the head, and on top of the head. With these adjustments, you get a customized fit for your head.

A good adjustable headgear has laces at the back and a velcro or a hook-and-loop closure at the top and chin (chin strap).

A fitting and customized headgear stays in place during training or competition.

2. Size and Fit

A headgear should fit snugly and comfortably. Let it not be so tight that it squizzes your head nor should it be so loose that it flops around your head during training or competition.

Always use the adjusting features on your headgear to give your head a custom fit.

3. Face Coverage

Different headgears have different face coverages. The amount of face coverage you need will depend on your personal preference and the type of boxing you're doing.

If you're sparring, you may want more face coverage to protect yourself from accidental hits. But when competing, you may prefer less face coverage to improve your visibility, hearing, and mobility.

Remember, a good headgear shouldn’t impede your vision and hearing. You should be able to ‘hear’ and sense your opponent’s movement. Also, you need to see those punches coming, how else will you react in time?

4. Material and Construction

Imagine having to replace your headgear every two or three months. It can be a nuisance, right? Get a headgear made of quality and durable material like leather.

Leather headgear is:

  • Durable: It’s less likely to tear or wear down quickly. While it may be pricier than synthetic alternatives, it is a worthwhile investment that provides reliable protection and comfort over time.
  • Comfortable: Leather is a breathable material that helps regulate temperature and prevent chafing and irritation.
  • Protection: Leather headgear can provide reliable protection during training and competition, reducing the risk of injury.

Further, headgear being protective equipment should have enough padding. This padding absorbs and distributes the shock from punches.

Does Brand Reputation Matter?

Yes. A reputable brand is often synonymous with quality, durability, and reliability.

Tussle, a woman-owned and operated company specializes in women’s boxing gear. From quality, hand wraps to leather headgear.

Why you should get our female boxing headgear:

  • Has a velcro closure at the chin which you can adjust
  • Has adjustable laces at the back to give your head a perfect fit
  • Is made of quality leather making it a worthy investment
  • Has excellent padding for shock absorption and distribution
  • Has an open face and cheek protectors

So grab a piece of our Headgear for Women Red Jam that gives you a perfect blend of comfort, visibility, and protection.

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