Unleash Your Speed and Agility With the Right Women’s Boxing Gloves

Unleash Your Speed and Agility With the Right Women’s Boxing Gloves

Enhancing Speed and Agility With the Right Women's Boxing Gloves

Speed and agility are key skills for any boxer, regardless of gender or boxing level. They allow you to move faster, dodge better, and throw more punches

While a boxer’s innate ability contributes significantly to their speed and agility, these skills can be improved with proper training and boxing equipment. And here is when a pair of boxing gloves come in. 

The right pair of boxing gloves is important for a boxer as it affects their hand speed, precision, and protection.

In this article, we will explore how the right women's boxing gloves can help you unleash your full speed and agility when boxing.

Boxing Glove’s Weight and Hand Speed

The weight of your boxing affects your hand speed and agility. Generally, lighter boxing gloves allow you to punch faster as they have less mass and inertia, needing less force and energy to move. 

Heavier gloves, on the other hand, have more mass and inertia, which means they require more force and energy to move. 

Therefore, if you want to increase your hand speed and agility, you should opt for lighter gloves.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should always use the lightest gloves possible. Heavier gloves have their benefits which include: 

  • They can help you develop more strength and endurance in your muscles, as they force you to work harder.
  • Help you prepare for competition, as they simulate the weight and feel of the gloves you will use in the ring.

Expert Tip: Use different weights of gloves for different purposes. You can use lighter gloves for training and speed work, such as double end bag and heavy bag, and heavier gloves for power work, such as heavy bags and sparring.

Right Fit/Size and Precision

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The fit of your gloves determines how comfortable, mobile, and precise you are with your punches. Ideally, gloves should fit snugly and securely on your hands, without being too tight or too loose.

Gloves that are too tight restrict your blood flow and cause numbness, pain, and fatigue. Whereas gloves that are too loose can slide around and cause blisters, chafing, and instability. Both scenarios affect your speed and agility, as they impair your hand movements and technique.

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Level of Protection and Flexibility of the Boxing Gloves

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The level of protection, flexibility, and design of your boxing gloves can indirectly affect your speed and agility. 

Different women’s boxing gloves offer different levels of protection and flexibility. The level of protection is influenced by features such as padding, material, and design. 

Proper hand protection and comfort contribute to your speed and agility by: 

  • Instilling confidence and fearlessness as your hands are protected from impact and potential injuries
  • Reducing discomfort and distractions during training 
  • Facilitating natural hand movement ensuring fluidity and efficiency in retracting and positioning hands when training
  • Providing wrist stability allowing for accurate and controlled punches.

But how do you choose gloves that will give you the needed protection and comfort?

For maximum protection and comfort, choose gloves that: 

  • Offer wrist support to prevent injuries and provide stability and precision during punching
  • Are made of quality and breathable material like leather
  • Have a velcro closure system for a more customized fit
  • Have open palms as they give you a better grip, and breathability, are versatile and easy to use. Your gloves stay clean and dryer with the open palm
  • Have enough padding to protect the hands and knuckles during impact without being overly bulky. This balance ensures that the gloves don't hinder quick movements.

Quick Tip: Wear hand wraps or quick wraps under your women’s boxing gloves for added hand protection.

Enhance Your Speed and Agility With Tussle’s Women's Boxing Gear

To get the perfect gloves that tick the above traits, get your gloves from a trusted and reputable company. And Tussle is the right company for your boxing gear. 

At Tussle, we have prioritized quality, comfort, and style in women’s boxing gear including women’s boxing gloves. And here is why you should choose our women’s boxing gloves:

  1. Our gloves are made of buttery soft leather ensuring durability, breathability, comfort, and a luxurious feel
  2. Have a double velcro closure system offering a customized and adjustable fit
  3. Have enough padding to offer the needed protection to your hands
  4. Have open palms offering flexibility, finger mobility, precise striking, convenience and ventilation 
  5. Are stylish and come in different colors and sizes

With Tussle’s women’s boxing gloves, you’ll elevate your speed, refine your technique, and make a statement in your boxing with gloves crafted to empower women in their pursuit of excellence.

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