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Our female boxing gloves are in a hybrid style as well as traditional Velcro closure and lace up gloves. All of our ladies' boxing gloves are made of buttery soft leather and designed to fit a female hand. With our hybrid boxing gloves you can easily transition from hitting the bag to lifting weights, all while keeping your gloves on to drink water. Our boxing gloves come in cream pie, red jam, toasted caramel, rose gold pink and black colors.

Female Kickboxing Gear

Best Reviewed Ladies Boxing Gloves

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Hybrid style & open face

Tussle's ladies boxing gloves are hybrid in style and easily go from hitting the bag to lifting weights as well as keeping your gloves on to drink water.

Multiple trendy color options

Our women's specialized boxing gloves come with multiple trendy color options so you can choose the right color based on your choice.

Offers most useful features

Our female punching gloves offers most advanced and useful features that you will always need.

They are specially designed for women, useful for both boxing and kickboxing.

They are quickly dryable, breathable and soft to touch as made from buttery soft leather. So you are going to have ultimate comfort and best experience with our gloves.