Women Boxing Gloves Size Guide By Cary Williams

Women Boxing Gloves Size Guide By Cary Williams

What size women's boxing gloves should I get? This is a common question among women boxers, especially novice boxers. As a former competitive boxer and Level IV Olympic Level Boxing Coach, Cary Williams brings her expertise to guide women in selecting suitable boxing gear.

Generally, hands measuring up to 6.5 inches fall under small while up to 8.5 under medium. Small-size boxing gloves are comparable to 8-10 oz while medium to 12 oz - 14 oz.

Properly fitted gloves offer better protection, reducing the risk of injury during training. They also enhance your performance by providing a comfortable fit for better control and precision.

For women, their hand size is the main determinant of how to choose women's boxing gloves.

Hand Size

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Your hand size is the main thing to consider when choosing fitting boxing gloves for women. To measure your hand size for boxing gloves:

  1. Extend your dominant hand, keeping your fingers together and your thumb extended.
  2. Measure the circumference of your hand at its widest point, excluding the thumb.
  3. Compare your measurement to the glove manufacturer's size chart to determine the best fit.

Generally, hands measuring up to 6.5 inches fall under small while up to 8.5 under medium. Small-size boxing gloves are comparable to 8-10 oz while medium to 12 oz - 14 oz.

Remember, when trying on boxing gloves, wear hand wraps or quick wraps. This ensures you buy gloves that will fit perfectly with hand wraps. Gloves that fit perfectly without hand wraps might be too tight when you wear hand wraps.

Also, choose gloves that are a little tighter, rather than those that are a little looser, as they will stretch out a bit as they are broken in.

A fitting glove should be comfortably snug, with no excess space inside the glove. Your fingers should reach the end of the glove without feeling cramped or restricted.

Other Factors to Consider When Buying Boxing Gloves

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Other than your hand size, consider:

  1. Closure type: Closures can vary from hook-and-loop straps (Velcro) to lace-up closures. Velcro closures offer convenience, customized fit, and easy adjustability. This makes them suitable for most training purposes. Lace-up closures provide a more secure and customized fit but may require assistance and more time to tighten properly.
  2. Padding and protection: Boxing gloves should have enough padding to protect your hands and wrists during training.
  3. Material and durability: Gloves should be made from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of frequent use. Leather boxing gloves are known for their durability and longevity, while synthetic materials may offer a more affordable option but are not very durable. Also, leather gloves are more breathable.

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Recommended Boxing Glove Sizes for Women

So, what size women’s boxing gloves should you get?

Women-specific boxing glove designs provide better fitting size and wrist support. To get these gloves, go to a women-specific brand. And Tussle is that brand for your perfect sized boxing gloves!

Tussle was founded and is operated by Cary Williams, bringing her extensive experience from the ring and beyond to serve the female boxer. Tussle specializes in women’s boxing gear and equipment. Boxing gloves from Tussle are tailor-made to fit the hands of most women.

Further, Tussle’s women’s boxing gloves:

  1. Have an open palm making them flexible. This design also facilitates airflow, keeping your hands cool and dry during intense training sessions
  2. Have a velcro closure system that gives you a customized fit. This ensures a secure and comfortable fit, minimizing slippage and providing stability during punches.
  3. Are made of quality leather making them durable, breathable, and comfortable.
  4. Have enough padding for better protection and wrist support. The padding absorbs impact effectively, reducing the risk of injuries and allowing you to train with confidence.
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