the importance of properly fitting boxing gloves for women

The Importance of Properly Fitting Boxing Gloves for Women

Ever heard of the saying ‘fit like a glove’? In boxing, this phrase is on a whole new level. Be it your women’s boxing apparel or your boxing gear, they should all fit like a glove. And your boxing gloves should fit like a glove that they are!

They should feel snug WITH HAND WRAPS ON so you can make a fist without feeling constricted. Too tight, and you risk discomfort and injury. Too loose, and your technique and accuracy take a hit.

But why is it so important to get the fit just right?

In this post, we discuss why it's important to have the right size boxing gloves.

Increased Comfort and Protection

With fitting gloves, the impact of punches is distributed evenly across the hand. This reduces the risk of injury.

When your gloves are too tight, they may cause marks or discoloration on the skin, and interfere with natural blood flow. Tight gloves also strain on your wrists and knuckles, potentially leading to sprains or fractures.

While a snug fit is necessary for stability and protection, gloves should not be so tight that they feel constricting or painful.

Should your boxing gloves be loose? NO! Loose gloves will slide on your hands, making it difficult to maintain proper hand positioning. This will then affect your technique and accuracy. Too big gloves also allow excessive movement inside, increasing the risk of wrist and knuckle injuries.

Without a secure fit, the gloves may not provide the necessary support and padding to absorb the impact of punches effectively.

Women’s boxing gloves should have an adjustable closure system like the Velcro closure used in Tussle’s boxing gloves, hand wraps, and quick wraps. The Velcro closure provides a secure and customizable fit to the hand giving you stability and support.

 Sizing Tip: A properly fitted pair of boxing gloves should feel snug but not too tight, allowing for slight movement of the fingers without excessive space inside the glove.

Enhanced Focus and Performance

Female Boxer Practicing With Right Fit Tussle Gear Gloves


Like all other sports, training in boxing requires focus. Imagine you are in your training session and your hands are constantly squeezed or you are worried about your gloves slipping off when you strike. Very disturbing. Right?

These constant distractions caused by too tight or loose gloves will distract you from your opponent or the techniques you’re trying to master. You might find yourself frequently adjusting your gloves or shaking your hands to restore circulation and hand positioning.

These worries caused by ill-fitting gloves affect your mental stability and focus. They also take your mind off the match, affecting your timing and strategy.

Well-fitted women’s boxing gloves prevent distractions, discomfort, and injuries. They should stay in place without the need for readjustment during training. Gloves should feel like a natural extension of your arm, allowing you to concentrate on your training rather than the discomfort of your gear.

Further, fitting gloves will positively impact your training and boxing performance by:

  • Allowing you to punch with precision and block strikes effectively
  • Allowing you to control and maintain your hand positioning, movement, and stability
  • Reducing the risk of injury due to misalignment during impact
  • Improving your speed and agility in the ring

Other than considering the material used and other factors, focus on choosing the right size boxing gloves when purchasing women’s boxing gloves.

Increased Confidence

Confidence. The sense of control, certainty, and stability. This is what the right-size boxing glove will give you!

Constantly needing to adjust your gloves because they are too loose can make you feel unprepared. The lack of proper support from ill-fitting boxing gloves can also make you doubt your ability to land effective punches.

On the contrary, custom-fitting gloves allow you to throw punches properly, leading to improved power, speed, and accuracy. This performance boosts confidence, as you see the results of your hard work and dedication.


Although boxing gloves' durability is largely affected by the material used and glove maintenance, fit is equally important.

Tight gloves can cause undue stress on the material, especially at the seams. This constant strain can lead to cracking, tearing, or deformation of the leather or stitching.

Moreover, the excessive pressure exerted can cause the padding to compress and lose its protective qualities faster than it normally would.

Owning a pair of loose gloves is also a danger to their lifespan caused by excessive movement inside the glove. When the hand slides inside the glove, the materials rub against each other, causing additional friction.

This friction can lead to torn seams, worn-out padding, and a general loss of structural integrity, reducing the glove's effectiveness and lifespan.

With all the drawbacks of ill-fitting loves on durability, as a female boxer, always go for fitting gloves!

When gloves fit well, the pressure and impact are distributed evenly across the hand and wrist, reducing stress on specific areas. This even distribution of force helps maintain the integrity of the glove's materials, such as the leather, foam padding, and stitching.

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